Awakened Innovations

This process can be completed in less than a week providing your a beautiful new website for your business. The success of your new website design depends on your engagement and providing the information requested.


The world’s first homebirth attendant registry. Helping women around the world find the best independent birth attendant for their sovereign Homebirth.


This couple had a business selling jams and jellies at fairs and festivals. With the lockdowns, they needed a website where they could sell their products. I created a site that displayed a rustic personality for their product.

Hacking Homelessness

The Cincinnati Region Hacking Homelessness was planned as an event to bring the community together and develop novel solutions to homelessness. Due to lockdowns, this event didn’t happen; however, the site was a hit and provided a single online location for all information about this event.

Confident Strides

Tonia Tyler has a vlog called Coffee With T. This vlog is part of her larger business, Confident Strides. I created a site to tie all her operations together than give her space to grow in the future.


My client loves cigars and burbon! He had a blog to review cigars and needed a website to host the blogs. We worked together to give him a high-class feel compared to most other cigar review websites.

Innovation Challenge

This site was created to accept applications for a grant opportunity. The $1000 grant was specifically for funding to promote innovative ideas in an active nonprofit

Dan With a Plan

Dan The Man makes art out of scrap metal. He needed a site to display his unique art pieces. I was able to take the site he had started and improve the look, feel, and functionality to best represent his awesome artistic ability.